Sublime Antique Restorations

specializing in invisible restoration

specializing in invisible restorationspecializing in invisible restoration

Sublime Antique Restorations accepts used dolls for charity


About Deb's Dolls

Dolls donated will be cleaned, restored, dressed and made suitable for children’s use, then re-donated to children in need. The donated dolls are given to the children as well as used in therapy sessions and when visiting children’s homes.

• Dolls must be appropriate for children’s play. Plastic, vinyl, and/ or stuffed dolls will be accepted.

• Vintage, collectable, porcelain, composition, moldy, or broken beyond repair are not suitable for children's use.

• Any dolls not eligible for children's use will be restored and sold. The profit collected will be donated to a charity benefiting children.

• Charities may be chosen by the donor upon request.

Please contact us for more information about our donation program.